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EMF Effects on Human Body

Studies indicate the EMF been noted to have significant impacts on the human body, most of the effects noted are negative resulting to the human body being affected, the issue on EMF noted not to be a new phenomena and it is a high time the case been regarded with a lot of seriousness that it deserves. There is a widespread concern for the health with exposure to the EMF and has resulted to many people now trying to take precautionary measures to ensure they are not adversely affected. It is important to highlight that some of the common effects that are felt by the human body are symptoms of headaches, anxiety, suicide, nausea, depressions and loss of libido. It is important to note that advancement of technology been noted to ensure that many people are noted to be affected with anxiety that is it is not controlled can result to many people not embracing advancement of technology in the right manner.

EMF been noted to have a significant impact on the pregnant mothers who are often exposed to high radiations of EMF. It is important to note that many babies who are noted to be exposed to EMF are identified to suffer from spontaneous abortions, malformations, low birth weights and congenital disease. The babies are noted to significantly be affected in regards to the baby weight as they are noted to have low birth weight as they are noted to lack some nutrients from the mothers as a result of the high EMF that the mother is exposed. It is important to highlight that at the third trimester for the baby there is need for the mother to move from the area that is noted to have high EMF to a zone that is considered to be significantly safe to ensure that the baby condition is not negatively affected as the third trimester the period when the baby noted to be very vulnerable.

Studies have noted that EMF been blamed for its impact on the eyes, many patients who are noted to have cataract problems are identified to have issues with the eyes and often live close to zones identified to be of high frequency of the EMF. Research notes that the number of cases that have been reported as a result of an increase in the EMF use has increased and there is need to ensure the people are given an opportunity to reduce the number of cancer cases. In summary, with technology advancement exposure to EMF noted to be unavoidable and there is need for the patients to ensure they are able to protect themselves from high exposure of EMF as noted to have negative impacts on the human body.

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