Things to Do in Medan

Things to Do in Medan is the capital of the North Sumatra province in Indonesia. Many tourists go to Medan to see the wonderful architecture and spectacular sights firsthand. As an Example, the Great Mosque of Medan and the Maimun Palace are favored destinations among tourists. In the event that you’re intrigued in going to Medan, Indonesia, here’s some details about things you should do in order to make your experience good.

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Merdeka Square
You’ll find Merdeka Square near the railway station in Medan and situated near the Merdeka Walk, and this is where lots of tourists go to get a taste of the cuisine in this city. Both locals and tourists gather in Merdeka Square to participate in sports activities. These sports activities happen on both weekdays and weekends. You’ll encounter many individuals running or taking walks in the Merdeka Square. The Mayoral Government of Medan is working on offering the free use of gym gear in Merdeka Square. Undoubtedly, Merdeka Square is among the best public amenities in downtown Medan.
Medan Post Office
The Medan Post Office is situated in Merdeka Park. This post office is a heritage building that was constructed when the Dutch colonized Indonesia. This was a time when the VOC played an important role in colonialism and trade in Asia and Indonesia. The architecture of the Medan Post Office reflects traditional Dutch architecture. If you love visiting the Medan Post Office, you should make an attempt to visit some of the other neighboring heritage buildings.
Fantastic Mosque of Medan
The Great Mosque of Medan, that is shaped like an octagon, is situated in downtown Medan. This mosque is more commonly known as “Masjid Raya Al Mashun” and “Masjid Raya Medan. ” This mosque was constructed in the beginning of the twentieth century. The style of the architecture is suspended in both Spain and also Middle East styles of architecture. Nevertheless, the architect for this mosque was Dutch.
Coffee Shops
In the event that you’re a big fan of coffee, you should stop by among the many coffee shops in Medan. You’ll be capable to get a tasty cup of coffee from each one these coffee shops for less than a dollar. Many tourists assert the coffee they’ve attempted in Medan is better than any coffee they could get at Starbucks along with other comparable chain coffee shops in the US. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the coffee is incredibly strong, so you shouldn’t drink too much unless you’re used to drinking exceptionally strong coffee.

Some of those coffee shops also sell fruits replacements in case you’re not much of a coffee enthusiast. These shops will utilize completely natural products to make their fruits smoothies. For example, they won’t use any powdered or processed flavours. You’ll be capable to see and taste whatever they place in the fruits shake

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